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Saratoga Springs, NY

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Meeting Notice – City Special Assessment District – Interlaken Storm Drains

TO: All Interlaken Residents

We want to invite you all to attend a special session Interlaken Homeowners meeting.

DATE: Saturday October 5th – Interlaken Clubhouse

TIME: 9 AM start time.

SUBJECT: City Special Assessment District – Q&A with Interlakens Board and Libby Coreno our Attorney.

The Board of Interlaken has been considering the opportunity to take advantage of the existing City of Saratoga Springs Special Assessment District.  A Special Assessment District allows the City to provide services to private entities and recover those costs through assessments.

The topic is important, affects all residents and  is why the previous and current Boards are doing our due diligence and have engaged residents since May. Information has been provided in several meetings this spring/summer including one with our Attorney. Her opinion on the Special Assessment District was also distributed to residents in May. We most recently discussed this at Saturdays HOA meeting.

The Board is considering engaging the City in the long term management of the Storm Drain infrastructure in Interlaken. This only affects the Storm Drain system. As you know the Sanitary Sewer System has been transferred to the County of Saratoga. The Roads are unaffected by this opportunity and would remain the private property of Interlaken.

There is no change in financial responsibility. Regardless of the path (Interlaken or the City) the ownership and financial obligations for the Storm Drain infrastructure remains with the Interlaken residents. This Special Assessment District  does not result in a transfer of ownership or the City assuming any financial obligations. It does allow Interlaken to proactively work with the City and leverage the City’s expertise, resources, engineering and equipment in support of Interlaken.

Please see the attached summary to help better understand the opportunity. Please join us on Saturday October 5th for another informational Q&A session. We are looking forward to your participation in this important discussion.


Your HOA Board

Special Assessment Overview